Ceramic Boost: A true protecting Ceramic Coating Topper product

Supreme Detail Supply Ceramic Boost

We are sure you have heard of the many different types of SI02 products on the market today.  Some claiming to be a way to wash a filthy car and protect the car at the same time, some claiming 12 months durability, some even go as far as saying it will provide the same protection as a hand applied ceramic coating...to be blunt, these "ideas" simply arent true in most cases. Yes, many will be glossy, but that gloss will fade rather quickly. Some will protect the paint, but it will wash off in 2 car washes. But we are here to give you some honesty about what we know to be true...

Real Talk:

A single product cannot do well at more than one task.

When a product claims to clean well, act as a waterless wash, and a durable SI02 coating protection option, one has to really look into its legitimacy. How is it that one product can be the best at washing, cleaning and protecting...it Cant.  Because the truth is, it takes different products to perform their best attribute. You would need a waterless wash product, a quick detailer type product and then a protection product.  They cannot clean well and protect well perfectly when combined as one. The All in one type of products rely heavily on the microfiber towel and the water in the product to do the cleaning, right? But how does the waterless wash part know not to remove the protection part, and how does the protection part know to stay behind after the cleaning is done? It doesnt...simply put.

Some products claim to protect for 12 months, but recommend monthly applications.

When products make outlandish claims, and then contradicts those claims, one has to wonder what is going on. You have all heard the phrase "one application lasts 12 months, but we suggest monthly re-applications." Really, so if one application lasts 12 months, why the need to reapply every month? Its because the product re-application is easier and more effective monthly, it sells more bottles, and it is needed to keep the protection performing.

What this Ceramic Boost SI02 spray is all about

Full disclosure here, lots of the products on the market are so watered down, you are getting a bottle of water shipped to your door mixed with 5% product and 5% dye because without the dye, it would look like water. Talk about a gimmick. Unfortunately, this is very common in this industry, so we are here to sell a very solid product not diluted so much you are basically spreading around water and dye vs actual product.  Of course, this comes at a higher price, but we know it is justified in the fact our Ceramic Boost works extremely well and is a legit product, not diluted to the point of pure profits.

Our Ceramic Boost is a highly effective SI02 coating topper spray designed to be the simplest form of protection that actually works. Its gloss enhancing and protection properties comes from the SI02 ingredients. It cannot be used as a waterless wash, or as a quick detailer style product. The real protection doesnt allow the product to flash, nor encapsulate the dirt effectively. This Ceramic Boost product is, in our opinion, the best product in the field (maybe a little biased, but it "walks the walk")

Standing true to our expected durability claim, this is a 3-4 month protection product when properly cared for and used, and its longevity greatly depends on how often the car is driven, what conditions it sees, how its washed, what its washed with, etc. One car might see 12 months out of one application simply because its in a climate controlled environment the whole year and never driven, only wiped down with a MF towel. On the other hand, an everyday driver car might see just 4-8 weeks from 1 application because its being attacked by the environment daily or washed with aggressive soaps or de-greasers.  Those are the two extremes, with the norm falling somewhere in the middle.  You will never hear us say "its a GUARANTEED" anything because truth be told, nothing is guaranteed, and that's just being honest with you!

You will be hard pressed to find something else that enhances the gloss and depth as much, and also keeps the "boosted" surfaces slick and dirt releasing, as our product here. After testing many, and figuring out what we liked and disliked, we found our winner here. It is becoming a staple in detail shops arsenal instead of sealant waxing, and also a significant role player in maintaining a ceramic coated car.

Now, go purchase this product because its the real deal solution for your coating maintenance, or stand alone protection after polishing, and easy car care on a regular basis. One bottle will last approximately 16 uses on a Porsche 911 or Tesla Model 3, or around 10-12 uses on a Range Rover or Ford Expedition.  Enjoy!

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